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Herbal Range

EASECALM Tablet For Anxiety & Depression Sleep 10X10 (Blister Pack)
LIVCUR-DS Tablet For Protection Of Liver 10X10 (Blister Pack)
MIGCUR-KIT Tablet Herbal Combi Kit for Migrain (Oil+Tablet) 20ml oil + 60 Tab
OSFIC Tablet Calcium Tablet 10X10 (Blister Pack)
PUNARVASU Tablet For Liver, Kidney & Urine Problem 60 Tab (Jar Pack)
STEP LIFT Tablet For Low Blood Pressure 10X10 (Blister Pack)
STEP LOW Tablet For High Blood Pressure 10X10 (Blister Pack)
VEPYE Tablet Herbal Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Tablet 10X10 (Blister Pack)
VEZYME Tablet Digestive Enzyme 10X10 (Blister Pack)
COSREF GOLD 200ml Liquid For acidity, Indigestion, Gastric Problems, Constipation, Chronic Constipation 200 ml
CURAREF 50ml Liquid Nano Curcumin +Piper Syrup 50ml
FRUITER Liquid Blend of pure fruit extract +lutein (Tax-18%) 200ml
HEMSAFA Liquid Blood Purifier (Sugar Free) 200ml
HERBOPLEX Liquid An Ideal Vital Tonic (Sugar Free) 200 ml
IMOBOST Liquid For fever & viral infection (Carica papaya,Tulsi & Giloy) 200 ml
LIVCUR 200ml Liquid Herbal Liver Tonic 200ml
LIVCUR-DS Liquid Herbal Liver Tonic+DS 200ml
LIVCUR-ZY Liquid Herbal Liver Tonic With Digestive Enzyme 200 ml
MEMOUP Liquid Brain Tonic (Sugar Free) 200 ml
NEBOST 200ml Liquid For Strengthenin Nerves 200ml
OSFIC-FORTE Liquid Calcium With Iron Tonic 200 ml
PUREKUF Liquid Herbal Cough Syrup (With Tulsi &Honey) 100 ml
PAINREF Liquid Herbal Pain Relief Syrup 200ml
SHWETCURE Liquid Herbal Uterine Tonic 200 ml
STOGON Liquid For Removing Kidney Stone 200 ml
SUDHA RAS Liquid An Ideal Treatmetn For Gas & Hyperacidity 200 ml
SYCLOCARE 200ml Liquid For Menstural Problem 200ml
SYCLOCARE 450ml Liquid For Menstural Problem 450 ml
VEZYME Liquid Digestive Enzyme Syrup (Sugar Free) 200 ml
XCID-H Liquid Antacid Suspension 170ml
ASHWAGANDHA Capsules Ashwagandha Caps 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
COSREF-Gold Caps Capsules For Constipation problem 1x30 (Jar Pack)
CURAREF Capsules Curcuma Longa 490mg + Piper nigrum 10mg 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
DERMONEEM Capsules For Skin Allergy & Ance free Glowing Skin 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
DIABDON (750 MG) Capsules Anti Diabetic Capsules 1X60 Caps (Jar Pack)
FOLIGRIP Capsules For Hair Problems 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
HEMSAFA Capsules For Skin Problem 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
HUDCURA Capsules For Healing And Strenthening of Bones 1x30 Caps (Jar Pack)
IMOBOST Capsules For fever & viral infection (Carica papaya, GiloyTulsi & Ashwagandha) 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
KRAZY Capsules For Men Sexual Vitality (Power, Strength and Stamina) 10x1x10 (Blister)
NEBOST Capsules For Strengthenin Nerves 1x30 Caps (Jar Pack)
OSFIC-FORTE Capsules Herbal Calcium With Iron Capsules 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
PAINREF Capsules Joint Pain Caps 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
PROSCUR Capsules (BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA) Inflammation of PROSTATE , It Promotes Normal Urine Flow, Prostate Health Function) 3X10 Caps (Blister)
PUNAR PAURUSH Capsules Helps promote a healthy lifestyle 10x10 (Blister Pack)
STOGON Capsules For Removing Kidney Stone 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
SHATAVARY Capsules Shatavary extract, 500mg 1X30 Caps (Jar Pack)
URICDON Capsules "For Uric Acid Proble (Anti-Inflammation, Controls Uric Acid, Cures Gout & Joint Pain)" 3X10 Caps (Blister Pack)
VEROID Forte Capsules Instant Relief From Piles in 5 Days 1X30+5 Caps (Jar Pack)
X-SIS Capsules Psoriasis Caps 1X60 Caps (Jar Pack)
VEZYME DROPS Paediatric Drops Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Paediatric Drops . 30 ml
PUREKUF Drops Paediatric Drops Herbal Drops for Cough relief 30ml
LIVCUR Drops Paediatric Drops Herbal Drops for Liver protection 60ml
HERBOPLEX Paediatric Drops Herbal Multivitamin Drops 60ml
VEE Grip Water Gripe Water For Stomach Discomfort, Gas Colic, Teething & Hiccups 100ml
MOUCARE Paste Mouth Paste Herbal Mouth Paste (Tax-18%) 100 gm
MOUCARE 100ml Mouth Paste Herbal Mouthwash (Tax-18%) 100 ml
MOUCARE Gum paint Gum Paint Gum Paint 30 ml
MOUCARE Mouth paint Mouth Paint Herbal Mouth paint (For Mouth Ulcer) 20 ml
PAINREF Balm Ointment Herbal Pain Balm 12 Gram
VEROID-Forte Oint. Ointment For Piles Ointment With Applicator (Window Flap) 30gm
X-sis Ointment Ointment Psoriasis Caps 50gm
X-GIC Lotion Lotion Herbal Anti itch Lotion 50ml
COSREF GOLD Powder Isabgol bassed Laxative (Powder) 100 gm
HERBOPLEX 200gm Powder Herbal Protein Powder 200 gm
VEMALT Malt Herbal Malt Chocolate Flavour 450gm
VR SHILAJIT Malt Pure shilajit 20gm
RETOCOOL Eye Drops Herbal Eye Drop 10ml
ALOEVERA Juice Juice Aloevera with Panch Tulsi+Amla+ Shankhpushpi+Brahmi 500ml
DIABDON Juice Juice For Diabetic Patients (Neem, Karela & Jamun) 450ml
NONI Juice Juice Noni Juice Helps For immunity 450ml
PANCH RAKSHAK Ras Juice Health Juice for all age Group 450ml
DERMONEEM Cream Cream Anti Acne & Anti Scar Cream (Window Flap) (Tax-18%) 30 gm
GULPAN Rose Water Rose Water For Hydrating , Refreshing & Cleansing (Tax-18%) 100ml
FOLIGRIP Oil Oil For Hair Problems (Tax-18%) 100ml
FOLIGRIP-Forte Oil Oil Herbal Onion oil For Hair Problems (Tax-18%) 100ml
FOLIGRIP Shampoo Shampoo To Control Hair Fall, Hair Conditioner (Tax-18%) 200ml
DERMONEEM Soap Soap Neem With Alovera Soap (Tax-18%) 1X12x75GM
Skinage PAPAYA Soap Soap Papaya Soap (Tax-18%) 1X12x75GM
PAINREF OIL Oil Herbal Pain oil 50ml