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SANAnac P Liquid Aceclofenac 50mg + Paracetamol 125mg/5ml (Suspension) 60ml With Outer
TIVEtrate-S Liquid Antacid - Magaldrate 400mg + Simethicone 20mg/5ml ( Suspension) 170ml Without Outer
MECOCET-P Syp Liquid Anti Cold- Cetirizine 2mg + Paracetamol 125mg + Phenylepherine 5mg/5ml 60ml With Outer
Ronocid- OX Liquid Anti Ulcerent- Sucralfate 1gm + Oxetacaine 20mg/10ml 100ml With Outer
TIVLOxip Liquid Appetizer Syrup- Cyproheptadine 2mg + Tricholine Citrate 275mg /5ml ( Syrup) 200 ml With Outer
Saium-D3 Liquid Calcium Carbonate 625mg eq to elemental calcium 250mg + Vitamin D3125 iu/5ml 200ml with outer
ATG Liquid Cough Syrup- Ambroxol 15mg + Terbutaline 1.25mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Menthol 2.5mg/5ml ( Syrup) 100ml Without Outer
OMItuss-C Liquid Dextromethorpan 10mg + Cetrizine 2.5mg + Guaiphensin 50mg + Menthol 1.5mg. 100ml with outer
ATG-D Liquid Dextromethorpan Hydrobromide 10mg + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg + Phenylepherine Hydrochloride 5mg 100ml Without Outer
PEPditiv Liquid Diastase 50mg+ Pepsin 10mg/10ml 200ml with outer box
Blext Liquid Each 5 ml contains: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride I.P 0.75mg Nicotinamide I.P 15mg Cyanocobalamin I.P 2mcg Lysine Hydrochloride U.S.P 37.5mg 200ml with outer
NIUMric Liquid Ferric Ammonium Citrate 160mg+Folic acid 0.5mcg Vit. B12 7.5mcg+ copper sulphate 30mcg+ Maganese sulphate 30mcg 200ml with outer
OMITIfer-XT Liquid Iron Syrup- Ferrous Ascorbate 30mg + Folic Acid 550mcg 200ml With Outer
KAZObrox-LS Liquid Levosalbutamol sulphate 1mg + Ambroxol Hcl 30mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Menthol 2.5mg 100ml Without Outer
TIVtrace-O Liquid Ofloxacin 50mg + Racecadotril 15mg 30ml With Outer