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To become a world class marketing and distribution company with excellent supply chain management, adding value to the customers - business associates - share holders - employees, serving an ever expanding fully satisfied customer base through a well spread global networking

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Welcome to Neiss Labs Ltd.

Ever since our establishment in the year 2001, it has been an endeavor for Neiss Labs Ltd to develop new and effective pharmaceutical & health care solutions for the betterment of humankind. Our journey towards becoming a leading pharmaceutical company in India has been dotted with discoveries and ventures.
Throughout this timeframe we have invented pharmaceutical formulations that boast of quality. Neiss is committed to uncompromising standards with respect to our products and services across nation. The spectrum caters to a variety of therapeutic segments such as: Cardiac, Allergies, Diabetic, Gynaecology, Neurology, Nutrition, Opthalmology, Orthopaedics They reach you in the form of innovative drug delivery systems such as Tablet, Injections, Capsules, Softgel, Syrups, Dry Sryups, Oral Suspension, Creams
We at Neiss exist in pursuit of building New Explorations and Ideas based on Scientific Studies. This is why we are forever seeking innovative opportunities to help us expand our horizons in health care solutions. The year 2016 is an embodiment of this exact purpose.
Neiss has evolved with a different biological orientation. We have widened our arms to embrace a full-blown team of healthcare entrepreneurs. Our aim is to inculcate better values in the healthcare sector. This thoughtfully-incorporated strategy would enable us to earn a better name for ourselves in terms of innovation, reliability, effectivity and packaging.
We have also redefined our therapeutic limits to serve your health better. Primary Care and Speciality Care stand as emblems of our pursuit to develop new and effective health care solutions. We welcome dynamism through sales and marketing professionals who would join us in our mission to transform the world into a healthier place.

Our Company :-
Headquartered in Mumbai – the financial capital of India, we are connected not just to the pulse of India but to that of the world. WE ARE A TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN COMPANY. We have operations across the globe, serving every segment of human population – from the young to the old, from the privileged to the not-so privileged. We are a vertically integrated company with emphasis on R & D and leadership in many therapeutic segments such as Oncology, Antibiotics, Cardiovascular Segment, Gastro-enterology, Orthopedics, etc. We have an extensive product portfolio encompassing blockbuster as well as orphan drugs.

Pharma PCD/Franchise :-
We has been marching ahead to be a leading and first-string service provider in India with considerable interests and expertise in Pharma Pcd offered in line with WHO model.Multi-level marketing and effective way. Contact Us to grow to new heights..

Product Range :-
We offer an extensive range of Pharmaceutical Products like Pharmaceuticals Tablets, Pharmaceuticals Capsules, Pharmaceuticals Syrups, Pharmaceuticals Paediatrics, Pharmaceuticals Dry Syrups, Pharmaceuticals Injections, Pharmaceuticals Protein Powder, Pharmaceuticals Sachets, Pharmaceuticals Herbal Range. Our products assure utmost quality and give effective results.

Our Mission :-
We are committed to accelerate the lives of our stakeholders and colleagues through intellectual and financial empowerment by delivering exceptional performance in the global health economy.

Value :-
We value human relations by making every communication with our colleagues, doctors and buyers transparent as NEISS aspires to grow through original and authentic ways.

Infrastructure :-
NEISS is headquartered in a posh corporate business park of Mumbai with 2 Supply Chain offices located in Thane and Ghaziabad.

Customer’s Satisfaction :-

Our Organization attempt to maintain good relation with the clients and provide them quality tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, syrups, dry syrups, injections, eye drops and drops etc. We are dealing with trusted and authorized vendors who deliver the products by using quality and best ingredients which are tested according to WHO-GMP standards.
>> We are committed totally and completely to our work and our customers. We offer newer product range to serve our customers purpose; the satisfaction of our customer rewards us for our honest efforts and creativity
>>> We believe in open communications and human approach, where one understands the mutual interest . We look up to you & our well wishers for support and guidance