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“We feel pride that God has given us the opportunity to play an important role in ensuring the healthier life of millions.”

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Welcome to Innovative Pharmaceuticals
Innovative Pharmaceuticals is a company that has long been committed to providing relief to ailing humanity. Simply put, all the brands of Innovative Pharmaceuticals are rich in quality. Keeping in mind the waste of money and time, we have introduced an array of quality products at the right price, the company aims to provide high quality at a low price to the suffering humanity. Pharma Franchise related queries are solicited.


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Our Commitment :-
Innovative Pharma's special focus is to try to make humanity healthy by taking into account different types of products like antibiotics, nerve rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, psychiatric care, gynae care, neurology, ENT, urololgy, gastro, ophthalmic care, orthopaedic care, paediatrics care, dental care, derma care, injectables, ayurvedic brands and OTC products for pharma franchise marketing in India. We provide high technology to healthcare professionals in India, we have a myriad of quality products and service. The company believes that taking care of the health of Indian humanity is a real service and a divine work. The company through its pharma franchise products wishes Indians to lead healthy and happy lives.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company :-
In most countries, there is a huge demand for life-saving drugs that treat a large problem such as disease. That is why Innovative Pharma has been introduced to create more and more pharma franchises in various parts of India including high quality pharma products.
Our company offers pharma franchise business opportunities to a single person in a region without any monopoly disturbances. Keep in mind that there is a large number of PCD pharma companies in India but the operations allocated to our customers are higher than other companies.
Our company offers many possibilities for a good improvement in sales throughout the year. Innovative pharma keeps its customers informed about the products from time to time. Innovatis Pharma based in Pune, Maharashtra is one of the reputed monopoly pharma companies in India.

Our Manufacturing :-
Innovative Pharma's manufacturing unit Iosis Remedies in Nalagarh is a GMP certified unit accredited by ISO 9001:2008 certification. We have a manufacturing facility empowered by world class machinery and hardworking employees to ensure the manufacture of high quality products. We follow high quality control procedures from raw material procurement to finished product, so that the consumer or our pharma franchise does not face any quality-related shortage.

Promotional offers from Innovative Pharmaceuticals :-
Innovative Pharma is a pharma franchise company offering monthly gift vouchers and promotional products for its customers. Our company does not hold back from providing any support and services from its main office if needed. If any pharma franchise gives a large order of the drug to our company, then the company also makes the business stronger by providing a concession in the cost.
The company provides manuals and timely updates to explain the benefits of the new drug to consumers in the right way. Innovative Pharma believes that our Pharma franchise company will make its business prosper in India by marketing quality products.

Social Responsibility :-

We, at Innovative Pharmaceuticals, very well understand our social responsibilities and are continuously practicing the same by way of doing regular co-operation to the underprivileged people of society. Innovative pharma try his best that whatever he do, it should be beneficial to the society and nation.