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A Professionally Managed Ayurvedic Company offers distribution Rights to market its products on State/District level all over India
Complete Herbal / Ayurvedic capsules, oil, powder, syrups etc.

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Top Herbal Products Company in Haryana

Elzac Herbals India is a leading Herbal Products Company situated in Karnal, Haryana, India, and committed to exploring distinct untapped health benefits to Ayurveda, we believe that research is the key to discover nature’s secrets. Ayurveda besides stressing on healthy lifestyle and dietary guidelines also show off on the use of medicine from nature’s sources. The truth was far off from this general belief and fact remained that in case the Indigenous Health Products were rightly identified, processed & prescribed specifically in the right dosage, priority, we are engaged in processing high quality of Herbal Products. Elzac Herbals India is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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Elzac Herbals India Career

At Elzac Herbals India,this principle guides us in our relationship with employees. We believe they are a key dimension of the Company and it is their contribution that has empower

Elzac Herbals India to achieve its current status. We take special care of our employees and we recognize and reward a good excecution. We believe that talented professionals are the most valuable resource for considerable evolution.

We are a working professed looking for a new opportunity from monopoly distributors all over India. Working at Elzac Herbals India means to learn and grow consecutive. We look out for highest moral principles apart from technical skill. Our achievement depends downright on the creativity, performance, and success of our associates at all levels. Challenge, innovation, teamwork and knowledge are of high priority in our company.