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pharmaceutical franchise company in ambala Haryana Integrated Labs

Sterile Products Range

INPENM - S 1.5 GM Meropenem 1000 mg + Sulbactum 500 mg Single Unit Pack - TREY
INPENM-1000 Meropenem-1000 Single Unit Pack - TREY
ILNEM Imipenem & Cilastatin Injection Single Unit Pack - TREY
INCITAZIM 4.5G Piiperacillin 4gm +Tazobactum 0.5G SHRINK PACK - 1x12x30ml
INCITAZIM 1.125 GM Piiperacillin 1gm +Tazobactum 0.125mg SHRINK PACK - 1x12
INRON FC Iron Sucrose Injection USP SHRINK PACK - 1X16X5ml
INTOZID-1gm Ceftazidime Pentahydrate 1gm SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTOZID-250 Ceftazidime Pentahydrate 250MG SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INVUMOX-1.2 Amoxy Sod 1gm + Clavunate Potassium 200mg SHRINK PACK - 1x12x10ml
MECINTHER -FORTE Artesunate Injection 120 mg Single Unit Pack - 1x12x120mg
MECINTHER Artesunate Injection 60 mg Single Unit Pack - 1x12x60mg
INCEFZONE -1g Cefoperazone Sod. 500mg+Sulbactum 500mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INCEFZONE -1.5g Cefoperazone Sod. 1000mg+Sulbactum 500mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTEFUROX-750 Cefuroxime Sod. 750mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTOCEF-S Cefotaxime & Sulbactam SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTEMETHER-150 Alpha Beta Arteether 150mg Tray Pack of 3Amps. - 1x3x2ml
INTEMETHER-75 Alpha Beta Arteether 75mg Tray Pack of 3Amps. - 1x3x1ml
INTRIAX-S 1.5g Ceftriaxone Sod 1000mg + Sulbactum 500mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTRIAX -1 gm Ceftriaxone Sod. 1gm SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTRIAX -S 750g Ceftriaxone Sod 500mg + Sulbactum 250mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
INTRIAX -500 mg Ceftriaxone Sod. 500mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x5ml
INTRIAX-S 375mg Ceftriaxone 250+Sulbactum 125mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x5ml
INTRIAX -250 mg Ceftriaxone Sod. 250mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x5ml
INTRIAX-TZ 1.125GM Ceftraixone & Tazobactum Injection SHRINK PACK - 1X6X24
INTEBOL-50 Nandrolone Decanoate 50mg Blister Pack with Syringe - 1x10x1ml
INTEBOL-25 Nandrolone Decanoate 25mg Blister Pack with Syringe - 1x10x1ml
ANTORT Triamcinolone Acetonide Single Unit Pack - 1X30X1ML
INTOBIN Tobramycin-80mg/2ml Single Unit Pack - 1x30x2ml
IPZOLE Pantaprazole 40 mg SHRINK PACK - 1x25x10ml
IMCAN -500 mg Amikacin Sulphate 500mg SHRINK PACK - 1x30x2ml
IMCAN -250 mg Amikacin Sulphate 250mg SHRINK PACK - 1x30x2ml
IMCAN -100mg Amikacin Sulphate 100mg SHRINK PACK - 1x30x2ml
INTEVIT-FC Vitamin-C Injection I.P. 150 mg and Methylcobalamin 2500 mcg,Folic Acid 0.7mg & Niacinamide Injection 12mg Combination Pack - 1x24x1.5ml+1ml.
INTEBION-M Methylcobalamin 1000mcg+ B/Complex, vitamin B6 100mg &Niacinamide 100mg/2ml BLISTER+Syringe - 1x2ml
INTEBION-M Methylcobalamin 1000mcg+ B/Complex BLISTER - 1x10x5x2ml
INTEBION-1500 Methylcobalamin 1500mcg/ 2ml BLISTER+Syringe - 1x2ml
INTEBION-2500 Methylcobalamin 2500mcg/ 2ml BLISTER+Syringe - 1x2ml
CLONITER Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) Injection I.P Tray Pack of 5 Amp. - 1x10x5x1ml
IL-CAIN Lignocain 21.3 mg & Adrenaline 0.005mg Unit Carton of Single Vial - 1x10x30ml
INTOGEN-2ml Gentamycin Sulphate 80mg Unit Cartoon of 25 Vials - 1x25x2ml
INTEDEX-2ml Dexamethasone Sod.Phasph 8mg Unit Cartoon of 25 Vials - 1x25x2ml
INTOPAS Diclofenac-50 mg + Dicyclomine HCL 10mg/2ml BLISTER - 1X10X5X2ML
INSPAS Diclofenac 75mg+pitofenone 3.99mg +fenpiverium 0.04mg/3ml BLISTER - 1X10X5X3ML
INTOXICAM Piroxicam 20mg BLISTER - 1X10X5X2ML
INTEGROL Tramadol Inj. 100mg/2ml BLISTER - 1X10X5X2ML
INSYLATE Etamsylate 125mg/ml Tray Pack of 10 Amp. - 1X10X5X2ML
INSETRON Ondansetron 2mg BLISTER - 1X10X5X2ML
INTOID-AQ Diclofenac Sodium Injection IP SHRINK PACK - 1X5X1ML
HEPATATE L-ornithine L-Asparate 5 g. SHRINK PACK - 1x10ML
INTOCIT-500 Citicoline Injection SHRINK PACK - 1x5x2ML

Integrated Laboratories is a pharmaceutical pcd company in Ambala - Haryana who provide pharmaceutical products franchise in all over India. Company is a Best Pharmaceuticals Franchise Company in Ambala-Haryana India.

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