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Nutraceuticals Range

ROZMOVE Rosehip Extract with Vitamin C Capsules 20 capsules Bottle
ASTECAL-ISO Calcitriol 0.25mcg + Calcium Carbonate 500mg + Magnesium 50mg + Soya Isoflavones 50mg + Vitamin K2-7 45mcg 10X1X15 Soft Gel
ASTECAL-XT Calcium Carbonate 500 mg + Vit D3 2000IU + Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + L-methylfolate 1mg + Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate 20mg 1X10 Blister
ASTECAL-IB KIT Calcium carbonate 500mg + Ibandronic Acid 150mg + Vit D3 500IU + Zinc 7.5 mg Combi Pack31 Tab
ASTECAL "Calcium citrate 1000 mg Elemental magnesium 100 mg Elemental zin 4 mg Vitamin d3 200 iu Tabs." 1x10 Blister
ASTECAL-K2 Vitamin k2-7 45 mcg + calcium Carbonate 625mg elemental calcium 250mg + calcitrol 0.25mcg Soft Gels Caps 1x10 Soft Gel
ASTECAL-C Coral Calcium with Vitamin D3 & Tablets 1x10 Alu Alu
ASTECAL-M "Calcium Citrate Malate, Vitamin D3 & Folic Acid Tablets" 30 Tablets Bottle
ASTECAL-CT "Calcium Citrate 425mg+Calcitrol 0.25 mcg+ Zinc Monohydrate 20mg + Magnesium 40mg Softgel" 10x15 Softgel
ASTECAL PLUS "Calcium Phosphate 300mg., Elemental Phosphorous 150mg, Vitamin D3 200 IU Zinc - 4 mg Elemental Magnesium 75mg" 200 ml.
NUTRIGOLD POWDER Protein Powder 200 gm Tin
NUTRIGOLD-DHA Protein Powder With Dha 200 gm
NUTRIGOLD Syp Protein + Vitamin B-Complex Syp. 200 ml
NUTRIGOLD Drops Multi Vitamin Drops 30 ml
APVIT-L Syp "Protein hydrolysate 20% 50 mg L-Lysine monohydrochloride 10mg Niacinamide 5mg Zinc sulphate 3mg Thiamine hydroc- hloride 1 mg Riboflavin 1 mg Pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.5 mcg Cyanocobalamin 5 mcg Syp." 200 ml.
ASTERVIT Ginseng Extract 42.5 mg. Vitamin A 2500 Iu Vitamin D3 200 Iu Alpha Tocopheryl (25%) 10 mg Potassium Iodide 0.2 mg Vitamin B1 5 mg Vitamin B2 5 mg Vitamin B6 2 mg Vitamin B12 10 mcg L-lysine Monohydrate 25mg Ascorbic Acid 25 mg Niacinamide 25 mg Calcium Pantothenate 25mg Magnisium Sulphate 1mg Selenium 50 Mcg Caps 1x10 Alu-Alu
ASTERVIT-4G capsule of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Ginseng, Grape Seed Extract and Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements 1x10 Soft Gels
ASTERVIT-Z "Grape Seed Extract 50mg + Vit C 40mg + Vit B3 18mg + Vit E 10mg + Zinc 10mg & Other Multi Vit And Trace Element" 1x15 Alu-Alu
ASTERVIT-Z SYP "Grape Seed Extract 50mg + Vit C 40mg + Vit B3 18mg + Vit E 10mg + Zinc 10mg & Other Multi Vit And Trace Element" 200 ML
STECERIN-GM "Diacerein 50mg+MSM 250mg +Glucosamine 750 mg tabs." 1x10 Alu-Alu
NORINA-PLUS Pregabalin 75mg + Nortriptyline 10mg + Methylcobalamin 1500mcg 1 x10 Alu-Alu
NORINA-G "Gabapentin 400 mg+Nortriptyline 10 mg Tablets" 1x10 Alu Alu
LCNIX - Plus L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Eq. to L-Carnitine - 500mg Methylcobalamin - 1500 mg Folic acid - 1.5 mg Tab 1X10 ALU+ALU
GECOPIN "Lycopene 10%- 2 mg vitamin a ( as acetate) - 5000 iu vitamin e(as acetate) - 10 iu vitamin c(coated) 50 mg zinc sulphate monohydrate 61.8 mg eq to elemental zinc 22.5mg Caps." 1x10 Alu-Alu
GECOPIN Syp "Lycopene 1000 mcg Ascorbic acid 50 mg Zinc 3 mg Vitamin b2 3 mg Vitamin b1 2 mg Vitamin b6 1.5 mg Iodine 100 mcg Vitamin a 1470 iu Vitamin e acetate 10 iu Syp." 200 ml.
G-FIT 105 GM An Ideal Energizer 105 gm
GEFEROL Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU Soft Gels 1x4 Blister
GEFEROL NANO SHOTS Cholecalciferol Nano Shots 60000 Iu 1x5 ml
GEFEROL DROPS Cholecalciferol oral solution 30 ml
GEVIGEN-G Methylcobalamin 500 mcg + Gabapentine 300 mg Tabs. 1x10 Alu-Alu
GEVIGEN-P Pregabaline 75 mg & Methylcobalamine 750mcg Caps. 1x10 Strip
GEVIGEN-PLUS Methylecobalamine 1500 mcg & Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg + pyridoxin HCL 3 mg & Folic Acid 1.5 mg. Caps. 1x10 Alu-Alu
GEVIGEN-Inj. Methylecobalamine 1000 mcg+ Niacinamide 100 mg +pyridoxin 100 mg Inj. 1 AMP
ZYPROX Syp Multivitamin and multiminiral supplement Syp. 200 ml.
FORNEXT Q10 Co-enzyme Q10,lycopene, vitamin, Minerals With Omega 3 Fatty Acid Softgeletin Capsules 1X10 Soft Gel Bilster
STELIN-Z Vitamin C 500 mg + ZINC 5 MG chewable tablets 20 Tab Bottle
STELIN INJ 6 ML Ascorbic acid 250 mg /ml 6 ml Vial
NOVA MALT Compleate Family Healt Tonic 400 GM